The New New Suzuki Swace Introducing the New Suzuki Swace
New Suzuki Swace

New Suzuki Swace.

Looking for something practical? Without compromising on comfort or style? Then look no further. The Swace is the perfect combo of sporty styling and elegant simplicity, with all the comfort and quality you can handle. We call that Good Different.



With slick styling, smooth moves, plus advanced tech and safety features, there’s a lot to like about the Swace. Its high-quality body design makes it look good, while it’s on-road stability makes it moves beautifully.


Combining a powerful hybrid electric motor with a 1.8l petrol engine, the Swace packs some serious power. Resulting in a smooth, seamless drive and, of course, low emissions and lower fuel costs. What’s more, it has CVT automatic transmission as standard. So you can customise your drive and switch between NORMAL, ECO or SPORT based on your preference or driving conditions.