Why Choose Us?

Award Winning Local Business

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us at Tunbridge Wells and Medway Hyundai. Awards and recommendations are proof that we have a highly dedicated and customer focused team.

Tunbridge Wells received the Frontier Dealership Award for being one of the best performing dealerships in Europe and received a highly commended award for best improved Hyundai dealership in the UK.


At Kent Hyundai we pride ourselves on delivering professional service every-time throughout the business. Professionals are only recognised as such when they perform consistently and have the knowledge to be respected as experts in their chosen field - when it comes to your motoring needs our expertise will ensure that you have a professional service every-time, everywhere.


Commitment comes from believing that what you are doing is right, fair and worthwhile. Ensuring the stability and future growth of our company can only be achieved through delivering an exceptional level of service to all of our customers, every time they need something from us. The Kent Hyundai team understand their role and realise that every customer enquiry must be met with the appropriate level of enthusiasm, empathy and care that everyone deserves to ensure that all our customers become our friends and our ambassadors.


How can we ensure that we understand our customers requirements? Its simple, give them our most valuable commodity - our time. In a busy world, time is often overlooked as our most valuable gift. At Tunbridge Hyundai we will make time for you, to enable us to truly understand what you need and to help us prepare our business to deliver exceptional service every-time. Our team members are trained and developed through extensive manufacturers courses and seminars and we also provide additional hands-on skills within our dealerships everyday. Knowledge is power - the power to exceed our customers expectations every-time.