The Hyundai IONIQ 6. Awaken your world. Retail Price From £47,040.00
Hyundai IONIQ 6

Electrified streamliner.

Sleek and unmistakably unique, the IONIQ 6 is the silhouette of the era of electric mobility. Its streamliner design and mindful cocoon-like interior have been created to provide you with a personalised and flexible space that is redefining the in-car experience.

Discover the essence of streamlined simplicity.

The clean, rounded lines and streamlined design of IONIQ 6 exude elegant simplicity. Aerodynamic and emotional, the sweeping curves and smooth lines pay homage to the iconic streamlined vehicles of the 1920’s and 30’s – reimagined for today’s sustainable mobility.

Gracefully aerodynamic silhouette.

The unique streamliner typology of IONIQ 6 is characterised by clean and simple lines and an aerodynamic design that we have dubbed Emotional Efficiency.

Distinctive low-profile tail.

TDesigned for aerodynamic efficiency to maximise the electric driving range, the ducktail shape reinforces the downforce, and the slight boat-tail structure reduces drag.

Interior first design for more space.

Human-centric from the start, IONIQ 6’s interior space was developed simultaneously with the exterior form. This integrated approach has yielded an exceptional result: a cocoon-like cabin that lets passengers freely enjoy in-car life. Interior space has been maximised, stretching it at the front and rear – resulting in the unique streamliner silhouette and spacious interior.

Mindful cocoon.

Inspired by the Prophecy Concept EV, the dome-shaped cabin is designed to be comfortable and practical creating your own personal hideaway.

Front row relaxation seats.

Get comfy with 8-way adjustable front seats. Lean all the back for a refreshing break while charging – at the push of a single button.