The Hyundai KONA N. Not your ordinary SUV. Retail Price From £36,465.00

Not your ordinary SUV.

If you thought SUVs and fun driving don't go together, think again. This is N. Built for versatility and performance, Hyundai KONA N is for outdoor lovers as much as driving enthusiasts. Whatever your adventure –the KONA N will bring the excitement.

Powerful without compromise.

For the very first time, the Hyundai N division and Hyundai Design Center worked together to develop an SUV body type. The result: a powerful presence combining the modern design of the KONA with the bold and dynamic language shared by all N models.

The front.

The front view is dominated by large, iconic air intakes and the KONA's LED light signature. The lower grille and red accents bring a real Motorsport feel.

The rear.

A large double-wing roof spoiler with the iconic break light adds the N spice. Dual exhaust mufflers express the KONA N high-performance spirit.


Race-inspired control, everyday comfort.

If you love driving, you will love taking charge of your KONA N from the moment you slide into the race-car bucket seat. Every detail is designed to provide effortless command: from steering and shifting to constant performance monitoring.

Sport bucket seats.

Feel like a race-car driver in these sports seats with pronounced side bolsters for excellent lateral support, leather accents, and blue stitching. They are available in cloth, leather, and suede.

N steering wheel.

The leather N steering wheel provides excellent grip – and direct access to driving performance features like the paddle shifters and two customisable hotkeys. And, of course, the red N Grin Shift button.